Monday, 11 January 2010

Nivea Natural Volume

I had high hopes for this newly released Nivea product seeing a I like Light Kiss so much which you can see my review here.
Yes so it's got a lovely SPF15 without any cinnamon or whatnot to make your lips appear fuller, just light reflecting pigments.
It also comes without being 'sticky' but they didn't say not gloopy, which it is. Apply a little amount you've got nothing there and apply too much you have strings hanging there when you speak.
The smell seems to be like a lot of their other products but the taste is not, imagine a old lipstick that's gone bad and dipped into a cocktail of chemicals to add some bitterness and there you have it.

Appears quite skinny for a squeezy tube and has a slanted tip
My naked lips, so when I said I had pale lips, I guess I really meant it! This is also them also actually being sore.

With Nivea Natural Volume and no I don't see any more volume than that of a lipstick or clear gloss can do. Yes the clumps in the middle is the gloop. The slight candy like warm pink appears to be only very slight on the lips.

I'm really sorry Nivea but this one really didn't do it for me.

So anyone tried it yet? Love or hate it?
Let me know! :)

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  1. YES!!! i got this Nivea lip product last night and it's the ONLY product that's actually instantly healed my poor lips - They've been cracking, peeling, bleeding since the seasonal change (cold, windy) --- I wear it under Bite Beauty's Lip Shine in Sante. I will repurchase the Nivea Kiss of Volume- It's a pretty color, not bright :) xo