Friday, 29 January 2010

Little Everyday Minerals Haul

So really happy with my little EDM haul!
I ordered
Semi-Matte Base (foundation) in Fair Neutral for my backup stash, as it's my holy grail and I'd be absolutely lost without it.
Lips in Monster Movie - from their lovely fairly new lip colour range.
Two samples of Lucent Powder in Wet Sand and Pearl Sunlight.

Monster Movie- Yes I love the name and that's also the reason why I purchased it!
EDM describe this as a 'super wearable natural mocha shade with pink accents' which is spot on!
I don't have too many browny lip tones in my collection so this was another reason.
It really remind me of the sexy early 90's but with a modern twist.
The colour is fairy sheer but the pigmentation can really easily be built up and leaves a nice sheen, not overly glossy and the texture is very light so you can barely feel it on your lips.
No scent or horrid taste either
Overall I'm very impressed.

Lucent Powders in Pearl Sunlight (left) and Wet Sand (right)- Yes I applied them way too thick on the swatches so they show up over my pale skin.
They add a luminous glow to your skin, so is perfect for a finishing touch to your makeup.
Will need to get a full size with my next order. I'm pretty much obsessed with highlighters, I love glow!


  1. Yay for shimmer! :) Have you tried aromaleigh's elemental cheek glistener lustres thingamabobs? She's discontinuing them but I grabbed the mini jars and they are awesome.

  2. Nope I haven't, they sound really good though! Thanks for the recs. x

  3. Just wanted to mention.. next time you order from them.. don't forget to add a Try Me Free kit to your order.. I've forgotten a few times.. but there's nothing like free samples, in jars. :)

  4. Kerry B.- Thanks so much for reminding me, that's something I've always forgotten! x

  5. everyday minerals, alima and fyrinnae are the best "mineral" independent makeup online companies ever!