Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Glitter Zombie EOTD

^This is why I named part of the title 'Zombie' but it shows off the colour and style quite well. :)
VampiressDoll also needs to tweeze the brows again.

Shadows Used- La Femme Palette Number 2 (Greens), Urban Decay Last Call, Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx, Bloom Eskimo and Barry M Glitter Liquid Eyeliner 07 Gold.


  1. Is it strange that I actually like the first picture? lol

  2. This is really cool! I love the glitter liner.

  3. This look is so dreamy. And sort of makes me think of the holidays. Great look! *drool*

  4. Very pretty! Love the colour combo. The first picture did freak me out a lil' bit though :)

  5. Very pretty. I am with Evil Angel on this. The first pic actually looks pretty cool.

  6. Evil Angel- Haha thank you! :D

    Heather- I love the Barry M liner and it's enticing me for more. *hides* x

    BLIX- Aww, Thanks! x

    Kelly- LOL Thank you! :D

    Deb- Aww, thanks. It was an accident with my eye and flash but I had to post it. x

  7. Glitter Gives your eyes dreamy look :). Very Pretty!