Monday, 4 January 2010

Boots Sale Haul

I meant to post this a couple of days ago but didn't get around to doing it, so better late then never. All of it was half price apart from the Christina Aguliera set which was a third off.

Christina Aguliera By Night Gift Set- Contains a 30ml EDT which I already have a 50ml one and love, just only wish it was a little stronger. A 50ml Body Lotion and a Brush Set which is a amazing beautiful soft quality for being a freebie in a set.

Celia Birtwell Cosmetic Organizer & Makeup Brushes- Yet again lovely soft quality brushes, nevertheless her stuff is always spot on quality.

Fresh Cupcake Suprise- Contains a Face Cloth and Raspberry Lip Licker. The Face Cloth smells gorgeous and fruity and I'm scared to wash it, let alone use it. The lip licker is quite oily but smelling as good as it smells you kind of forget about it. You also get a something else, as the plastic container that's the cupcake is reusable and perfect for little table top storage.

No7 Shimmer Powder And Puff- A nice big size of 23G. Beautiful puff and golden white finely milled glowy shimmers.

Scarlett & Crimson Totally Nailed Set- Contains a nice sized PVC clear zip bag, 3 nail polishes, 2 nail files, toe separators and a sheet of nail stickers. A very lovely set and I'm really glad I bought it. Scarlett & Crimson is also by Ruby & Millie.

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