Thursday, 7 January 2010

Barry M Get The Look Gift Sets

So I got these at Superdrug at half price, they're usually £9.95 each and are up on the Barry M site. So do still look out for these when you go to Superdrug. They each contain two limited edition Dazzle Dusts and are full sized! :)

Pink- Two Dazzle Dusts, a Fine Glitter Dust and a nice quality brush.

Candy Floss - Dead on name and extremely pigmented. A Candy Floss pink with gorgeous shimmered glow to it.

Berry Pink- A beautiful deep pigmented raspberry.

Violet Star- Which is the 'Fine Glitter Dust' and a violet, there isn't a lot of pigment in this but has the finest glitter within.

Green- Two Dazzle Dust and a Glitter Liquid Liner

Storm Cloud- Very pigmented deep navy metallic blue with lighter blue iridescence.

Green Apple- A sour green but doesn't seem to be as pigmented as others, I reckon it just needs a heavier application, which I didn't do in the swatches.

Glitter Liquid Liner in 07 Gold- More like a green gold and I didn't know Barry M's glitters were this nice!


  1. Oooh I love storm blue. Soo pretty!

  2. Oo yep! I need more Dazzle Dusts, me thinks...they get a little addictive.x

  3. That Storm blue color is AMAZING!

  4. Those look really nice. They seem like they're very smooth. Too often, loose eye shadows can be a mess due to chunks all off.

  5. Those are such a good buy!

  6. Tagged you in my newest post also. :D

  7. I saw these! Most of them were battered though. I would have got the redy one but I already own all the dusts - the price is brill! And I love Storm Blue!xx

  8. Phyrra- Though you'd like. :)

    Deb- These are definitely finely milled. x

    Bicky- Thanks, I'll have to check it out. :D

    Girl With The Golden Touch- I saw a few like that, apparently two of these in the kit are LE or exclusive.. so they say. x