Friday, 30 October 2009

Saint Or Sinner

Yes so Primark have been popping out with makeup lately but now it's coming up to Xmas they've released a bunch of kits.
The Saint Or Sinner kits are £2.00 each! So I thought I'd at least try them out. There are 3 versions to choose from, which are eyes, nails and lips. I didn't bother picking up the lip palette as I don't really use them and they get messy easily.
I think these kits could be great stocking fillers or just for you to try out yourself.
They all comes in a nice sturdy box with a mirror so these are really good use for your bits and pieces after you've finished with the makeup.

First is the eye version and this comes with 10 shadows. Glacier, Lavender and Galaxy have hardly NO pigment at all. The others are just ok but the shimmered jewel tones are bursting with pigment which is weird. I especially love Denim it's a really lovely cool icy blue.

Nail kit comes with 4 polishes which are 7ml each and surprisingly pigmented!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ted Baker Beauty Master'Ize Kit Three

Ted Baker stocks luxury body products for men & women at Boots but now a few cosmetic kits, which are available online and a larger Boots. I was a little hesitant to try this as I bought it online and never saw it person.
I am actually pretty impressed with it.
This set comes with a mini mascara, mini eye pencil, brow groomer and 4 four shadows with a sponge and brush dual applicator.
The shadows are surprisingly pigmented and very soft and the shades come out exactly how you see them in the pans, the quality didn't apply the same to the mascara and eyeliner as they are a pretty basic quality.
The liner is a nice shade of a matte cool lilac brown which is quite soft but not the best of formulas.
I am disappointed that the mascara is brown, as that shade of mascara is way too neutral for me.

I do think this palette is worth it for just the shadows themselves and of course the nicely designed packaging it has a plastic flip over to keep your shadows fresh, ribbon embedded to hook out your tools at ease and a Too Faced inspired mirror, don't you think? :)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Purple Fudge EOTD

I'm really quite pleased with the colour combo but not the way my brows took on camera.

Shadows Used - Bloom Eskimo, Too Faced Label Whore, Sleek Divine Palette.

I love Label Whore, which is a lovely shimmered shade of blue, brown and green.
I also love purple shadows so I put this together.

Anyone have a favourite purple or like to recommend some pretty purple shadows?
Let me know, it would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nivea Lip Care Light Kiss

Nivea is famous for it's creams but also it's lip care.
So some of their lip balms have been rather boring and a few not doing their job that well like the blue tube I'm trying to finish... but yes seriously 'Light Kiss' is something else, I have never come across a formula that is unique and gives me a feeling like I want to apply this again and again. The texture is simply amazing!
As soon as you apply it you feel a icy sensation that isn't tingly but cooling, you get a really beautiful scent which I would describe as a buttermilk floral, yes strangely enough it's dreamy!
The texture straight away seems oily, then it decides to go balmy and dissolves into your lips. This is why I think this is a perfect lip base as you will get moisturised lips without ruining the texture of your lipstick.
This baby cost £2.99 and if you put it in a high end packaging you really wouldn't know.

The packaging comes in a plastic screw top container and also has a foiled layer to keep freshness like butter. :)
It would be nice if they would make a option of having a tube version.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

*~Aura Fruity Blush~*

Aura Cosmetics is a UK brand that I've only ever seen online.
For some reason the official site looks like it's very much untidy at the moment, so I wonder what's going on?
Anyhow I didn't purchase these off there and got them from Ebay. However there is also quite a few webstores that sell the brand.
Going on to the fruity blushes! The first thing that attracts me is the unusual packaging, as you can tell is rather unusual, with the box and the cutesy bubble shaped compact with a royal blue bottom.
The shades I got my hands on are 'Pink Apple Blossom' and 'Cherry Bombe' I'm sure there's a few others shades available.
Now the blush itself is nicely blendable with varied pigment depending what shade and how you apply and I'm sure I smell a teeny perfume smell when I apply.

Pink Apple Blossom- Is a nice dolly pink which seems pretty matte which reminds me of
Barry M Pink Orchid Blush. This is perfect for pale skin!

Cherry Bombe- Which is a shimmered terracotta based browned bronze and is much more pigmented then Pink Apple Blossom, and I'm obviously thinking it's too dark for me but I'll always find a way for something! Though this obviously can be applied sheerly.

So anyone else heard, tried or have any Aura Cosmetics? Let me know. :)
Overall I think the blushes are a very lovely product and a nice piece for your makeup collection.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in Sweet Pea

Natural Collection is a Boots owned brand.that's very cheaply priced....yes this lipstick cost me £1.95 and this price by no means affects the quality! Natural Collection is a whole range from eye shadows to body mists.
Moving on.... Sweet Pea, is a shade I would describe as a pearled airy warm pink that's sheer but you can easily build intensity. The texture has a subtle moisture and is very easy to apply.
All Natural Collection lipsticks are completely fragrance-free which do not include in any way a smelly crayony scent, which I'm pleased about.
There are quite a lot of beautiful looking shades in this range not only 'Apple Blossom' that seems to be a favourite shade of most, you'd be surprised!

Anyhow going sort of off-topic... speaking of the name 'Sweet Pea' you know I've never actually smelt it...

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Avon Pink Sands True Colour Quad & 2 EOTDs

I remember a time when Avon shadows were a miss not being pigmented and just basically boring and hard to work with.
Since recently they've updated there packaging with luxury Chanel inspiration and not to mention their formula is decently velvety soft with medium pigment and so very blendable. This 'Pink Sands' quad seems to be getting a lot of love from me, the shades have a nice level of shimmer. They'd definitely suit most.
The shades feature a light peach highlight, warm pink toned flesh, warm medium brown and a cool brown taupe. Most of all it's the wonderful texture I love about this quad.

Foam Green EOTD
Shadows Used - Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife & 17 LE Eye palette- the green.. this palette was a GWP from Spring I think.

Burnt Coral EOTD
Shadows Used- Bloom Eskimo, StarGazer Deep Red, Wild And Crazy Prom, Sleek Nightlife,
No7 Metallic Liner Bronze

Friday, 16 October 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 4

Miss Sporty lipsticks don't really seem to get loved. I on the other hand do love this fellow here '202 Melody', they also have quite a selection of interesting shades.
Melody is a beautiful pearled nude beige, it would go with just about anything. It's decently pigmented with moisture but not overly moisturising, those kind don't last as long. These sort of have a vanilla scent but with a smell that's a little crayony, not really awful though and they don't have any nasty taste. The packaging is very cheap and basic but sturdy enough, so the lid won't fall off in your bag. These lipsticks are available at most UK drugstores and under £2.00 they're worth a look into!

Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliners have only recently hit the shelves and come a nice selection of 6 shades. Oh yes the booger stuff featured on the lid is from the uber sticky security tag, which doesn't come off....I did try a baby wipe but it didn't work.
Anyhow I chose Green as, it stood out the most for me. It's a beautiful bright metallic toxic grass green with itty bitty iridescence, nicely pigmented at that too. :)
The applicator is a felt tip which I think are easier to work with. Metallic liners are £4.50 each.

As you may as well know that Bodyform are giving away free Jemma Kidd Lipglosses! In selected ranges of towels. So you may as well buy loads just for the gloss!
There's two shades to get but I have no idea what mine is because it's doesn't say.
Ok so the glosses are very sheer and quite sticky...but the smell whoa! It smells of tropical fruit juice and I could easily eat it, ok maybe I shouldn't...