Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Update & Xmas Prezzies

So unfortunately, my camera charger has completely been misplaced so that means I haven't been able to blog my posts. I had to borrow my Mums to do this and it really doesn't like doing macro mode shots.
Anyway I will find it....I'm on a quest. :)
In the mean time I just wanted you to see some of the stuff I got at Xmas.

So these are some gifts I received, not all of them fitted in the picture. Yes that's how spoiled I got.

*click to enlarge*

Last but not least my main surprise present from my boyfriend who got me 'Chucky' I have Tiffany already and she needs her man. Yes Bride Of Chucky is one of my favourite films. :)


  1. LOVE the alien scent. Great stuff hon.. youll have so much fun playing with it all!!

  2. awesome stuff!! Til this day im still scared of chucky lol.

    i hope youre having a great holiday :)

  3. Yay for Alien! I bought it for myself in September as a birthday present to myself.

    That barbie gloss looks awesome!

  4. That stuff looks cool! I wanna know what Alien smells like...
    Chucky is awesome!

  5. Tali-Thanks! I couldn't stand Angel but Alien is out of this world gorgeous. x

    Becky- I have a thing with dolls. :)
    Thank you and I hope you had a good one too. x

    AxsDenied- Nice! It's such a lovely bottle as well? :D I've still yet to open the Barbie glosses, I've been so overwhelmed with goodies heh. :)

    BLIX- Alien is a demonic powerful scent and oh so delicious you have to test it! Chucky is my favourite horror villain. x