Monday, 14 December 2009

Superdrug Dazzle Glittering Body Spray & Lip 'N Eye OTD.

This is definitely my favourite purchase of this week. So cheap for under a £1 and works beautifully.
First of all I hate it when you get sprays with glitter that's too chunky, gritty and uneven, this is why I love this as it's the complete opposite.
The sparkles are soo tiny and finely milled, you can't feel them at all and it also has this glowy, shimmering Hollywood red carpet look about it. There's a mixer ball inside so I think this is the secret of how it comes out so evenly.
The spray comes out as a delicate frosty silvered white, so absolutely perfect for pale skin which I'm so happy about.... and it doesn't stop there, you're blessed with a strong sweet modern fragrance with every spray and I think I'm wasting it on smelling the stuff.
Superdrug's Dazzle Glitter Body Spray is just packed in the normal Aerosol spray can and can be found in the deodorant and body spray section, just look out for the glittered lilac cap. :)

EOTD using a pink theme.

Shadows used- Me Me Me Argent, L.A Colors Serenade Eye Palette, Sleek Nightlife, Bloom Eskimo,

LOTD- Collection 2000 Volume Boost Lipstick in Perfect Pink -Which is a pretty dolly iced pink! Sorry about my flaking lips, I blame it on the weather. :)


  1. Very lovely! These colours are perfect...wish I could get collection 2000 here in the states. :-(

  2. Awww, mind you a lot of us over here want loads of your brands. :D

  3. Im not SUCH a bit pink lip person but i do really like that shade!!

  4. Tali- I love pink makeup but not so keen on pink clothes but if it's paired with a lot of black then I'm ok lol. x