Wednesday, 9 December 2009

More From La Femme ^Eye Palettes^

After I purchased my first palette that you can see here. I had to buy some more. The pigmentation is insane, especially when the price is the cheapest of the cheap.
The eyeshadow pans are much bigger than my previous La Femme purchase but still no name for the palettes just numbers, just like BeautyUK..
These ones come with 3 long pans and a gradient like one at the bottom.
Palette 02 consists of blue & purple hues complete with a rich frosty highlight.
Palette 03 has frosty rich smoky graphite colours with also a highlighter shade, perfect for a shimmering deep smoky eye.

If you don't have any stockist near you, I've seen quite a few up on Ebay. I honestly think they're worth every penny and you will not be disappointed, just disappointed that they do not come with names but for the price they are, you can't complain and name them yourself haha.


  1. i really like the one with the pretty and cheap with quality is always nice

  2. Mama Jen- More cheap & good seems to be happening a lot lately. :)

    Phyrra- They are :)