Wednesday, 16 December 2009


So I've been all chuffed today as I received this in the mail! The lovely Alex from Illamasqua got in touch and sent me a few goodies and when I got it I couldn't resist doing a review. :)
It's really quite funny as I've been eyeing up this brand for a while now but never got around to purchasing anything.
As I can see straight away that's it's a British Gothic Alternative high-end brand with a very big selection of colours and formulas much like MAC but with a edgier look and unusual naming on their products, they even have a shadow called 'Lestat' whoever is a fan of Anne Rice vampires will know who this is.

I recieved a sweet postcard complete with a huge poster, lipstick and a pencil

Medium Pencil in Sophie- Which is the pencil made specifically for the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation.
I have to admit the packaging is quite basic like an average writing pencil but it's not any eyeliner pencil by any means, yes you can use it all over your body as it states on the pencil itself 'Medium Pencil: For eyes, lips, Face and body.'
Now this is weird because I'm a black liquid eyeliner girl myself but this is very intense black and very easy to apply being creamy but not too over creamy like Urban Decay's Zero which can be hard to apply because it's too of a creamy black and you find yourself sinking away from a perfect point.
I tried this out on my eyes and it looked like liquid eyeliner deep and fresh which is fantastic because I've never came across a black eye pencil like this, now I must use this for lips and I'm having lots of other ideas for this pencil.

Illamasqua Matte Finish lipstick in Howl - Illamasqua describe this as a 'Deep Terracotta Red'
Now to me it like a blooded warm medium red. It is a lovely shade and see myself wearing this a lot. For the matte part is absolutely looks matte but doesn't feel like it because of it's soft creamy feel, it isn't too creamy because that way it would just slip away, it's softness is to the extent to keep it very comfortable. The texture isn't thick but light with no scent or funny taste and I know it's long wearing because I've just drank my coffee and had a few munches and it's all still there.

Again sorry for my flaky lips this always happens this time of year it was actually snowing earlier!

Now for the last part all of my reviews are from my honest opinions no matter if it came from my own pocket or if it was given. I'm not one of those Shopping channels on TV! I do not see any point of fibbing because you 'want' to like something or someone told me so and actually it's one of my pet peeves.
I decided to do a blog because of my love is makeup and cosmetics and love to express my true feelings on products for myself and others!


  1. Ooh - I love the SOPHIE pencil - its probably the most intense black pencil I have ever used - the lipstick is a lovely colour too. I'm a huge huge fan of this brand.

  2. Both look gorgeous! I'm thinking Sophie under the matte lippie would be wickedly hot!

  3. I love the lipstick color. Illamasqua just recently launched in the US, and I have been wondering which products would be worth trying other than the nail polish. You can go wrong with a gorgeous lipstick.

  4. I love love LOVE red lips! Great colour.

  5. Its such a great pencil and i love the cause its for.. makes you feel like you help in some way!

  6. mizzworthy- I second this and I'm really starting to love this brand a lot! :)

    Evil Angel- You read my mind! x

    Deb- I heard you got it too. :)
    I'm definitely thinking of purchasing the silver metal highlighter hopefully if it comes back in stock. x

    BLIX- Me too! x

    Tali- I agree and I think it's an amazing thing they're doing. :)