Monday, 16 November 2009

Ultimate Collection Shimmer Blush

As soon as I saw this in Wilkinsons at the Holiday gift section, I thought straight away MAC MSF dupe! Yes ok, so it's those unbranded gift sets that usually are pointless, but this was just saying 'get me!' and I'm glad I did. I actually do think some of those cheaper gift sets have started improving recently.
First off it's very glittery and shimmery and very hard to capture on camera and of course this is a overlay but underneath is a very indeed lovely product of shimmer and glow and no naughty matte.
It's also surprisingly pigmented for these type of things and is a very rosy medium pink that warms up with added gold veining.
The packaging is in fact solid and very heavy it's 18g is a little big. :) You also get a brush that is of course one those useless flat brushes, but a very cute touch to the set.
So at £2.99 this is my bargain buy of the week.



  1. this is a very pretty color, just wondering if the glitter is chunky and noticeable on the face?

  2. Mama Jen- The glittery overlay definitely will be, but underneath is just glowy type shimmer so will not be noticeable. x