Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink

Firsty... Hello pigment!
Yes these blushes are totally pigmented and this was the lightest shade they had which is Pixie Pink a beautiful bright bubblegum pink. The texture applies very evenly and is smooth at that too.
The packaging is very similar to their favoured eye palettes, but obviously smaller. It has a nice mirror in matte black quality packaging and the best thing is you won't break a nail trying to open it, as these are much easier to open then the eye palettes and silly waste of space flat useless brush, the room is all filled with blush!

Sleek done a very good job in my opinion!
You can get Sleek at Superdrug and soon online, which will be nice because Superdrug never seem to stock everything.


  1. I love this blush. It reminds me of MAC's Pick Swoon. To bad Sleek isn't sold in the States!!

  2. I've heard good things about Sleek products.

  3. ohh thaqt blush is gorge! I love bright pink blushes =)

  4. ooohhh i love it! i'm not familiar with Sleek brand b/c they don't sell it here in the US. what other Sleek products do you have? can you do a review on the, please? that'd be awesome. thanks!

  5. Mama Jen- That's a blush I have yet to try and I must. x

    Deb- Oh me too but there was once a pink loose shadow I had when it was first launched at Superdrug.. it had to go in the bin because it smelt like fish which was totally weird and I will certainly not buy these again. *hides* Maybe it was from a bad batch? x

    Sher- I'm exactly the same! x

    Betty Girl- I have quite a few and definitely will do, thanks for requesting x

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    By the way love your blog =)

  7. Thanks! I will try to do this sometime this week. xx