Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rimmel Shock Gloss in 208 AMP'ED

Straight away you can tell this idea is from a few Japanese lip products with the 'Spatula' applicator but I don't think that they got it quite right, the applicator is just a bit too sharp and scratchy and not smooth as I was expecting. This makes the application very streaky and you have to blend it out with your finger after, which is just messy.
The gloss itself is a different story because I love it, as soon as you open the tube you're blessed with a gorgeous strawberry jelly scent. The texture also reminds me of jelly but more opague surpisingly and not as sticky. It's only a tad sticky, which I guess is to keep the longevity. :)
On the tube it reads '3D Magnifying Lipgloss' which I can see, as it's very glossy and has a nice thickness. Funny enough I'd describe Amp'Ed as a strawberry jelly glassy red.
Overall Rimmel did a great job on the product itself just need to work on the applicator because it's a terrific idea when made the right way.


  1. I like this...i haven't seen these yet!

  2. Maybe they haven't come out yet in the US? Mind you I didn't notice them straight away because they were amongst all their other regular glosses. x

  3. I have seen these for quite a while (I am in US) and I was worried if the glossy is too glassy/sticky and the smell...

    I might try it someday since you say the smell isn't bad.