Monday, 30 November 2009

I Love... Glossy Lip Balm & NOTD

I love... strawberries & milkshake was the scent I picked out. The balms come in a variety of scents which you can see here and I purchased this at Ethel Austin for a £1.
'I Love... Cosmetics' is a whole bath & body line which produces all scents you'd like to eat!
So onto the balm, it's packaged in a bog standard plastic pot but is quite big than the usual, being 15ml.
The scent is very much like a real strawberry milkshake but the taste is not overpowering that it will make you sick.
It's also not an average balm, as it has a tint, being a sheer milky nude pink.
The texture is glossy, slippery and thick in a nice way.
For the moisturising properties, I feel that it has that too. I think this would look great as a nudey lipgloss or top and experiment this with other lip colours. I hope to try out new flavours but I must try and get through this one first, as there is so much in there!

NOTD- Milani Gold Leaf, which I say is like Tinkerbell in a bottle. The colour is more of a chartreuse in real life (silly flash) with the prettiest golden sparkles.


  1. The balm sounds yummy and looks great! I need to get more Milani's

  2. I have that lip balm.. I love it, its perfect for winter when you want some colour on your lips but it moisturises at the same time!

    Im loving the nail colour its gorgeous! xx

  3. I have the chocolate orange one and the mango one of those balms I love them :)


  4. Both the gloss and the nail polish are pretty.

  5. I love strawberry and milkshakes
    i love the green gold nail polish.

  6. Nooo you always put really nice lip products on here that i want to eat! First was that apple gloss.. which i still dream about but wont get or ill eat it!!

    The nail varnish is stunning!!

  7. Oh my, those nails look wonderful! You described the colour spot-on, very Tinkerbellish!
    That pot of lipbalm is enormous! It looks delicious!

  8. Evil Angel- I'd love to see your nails sporting some Mliani's :)

    xcharleym0ox-Oh it's lovely. :D
    Thank you. x

    Tanya- Chocolate & Orange sounds yummy. x

    Blix- I'm obsessed with all these foody scents at the moment. x

    Phyrra- Glad you like. x

    Mama Jen- Lol :)

    Tali- Hahaha you do it too *coughs* marshmallow :D

    Marce- Thank you. :) Yep the balm is certainly big! I wonder how long it's going to take me to use up. x