Sunday, 8 November 2009

GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliners & NOTD

These GOSH liners are constantly compared to Urban Decay's 24/7!
So they aren't as vibrant as UD's but their selection of colours seem to be totally different, they're more subtle but their staying power is on the same side and of course their glide-on creamy power.
GOSH Velvet touch liners are priced at £4.89 while Urban Decay's are £10.00 so GOSH is less then half the price. So if you don't want to splurge on UD's these are well worth a look into!

These are swatches of my current collection of GOSH in Top to Bottom. The camera did take out the colour a little in these.
Ocean Mist- Pearly baby blue
Purple Stain-Deep cool purple
Pretty Petrol- Dark midnight blue
Cool Mint- Mermaid like pearly aquamarine

NOTD- Bloom in Molly- I love this bright jelly-like opaque pink!
Yep I chopped at my nails because a lot of them broke and it looked real weird, so I'll let them grow evenly :)


  1. Those liners are so pretty! I am so interested in buying from GOSH. I like that we over here in the States can buy online!

    Love the nail polish too!

  2. Ive only heard great things about the gosh liners! Ive never tried UD's liners though. I think I'll give gosh liners a try when its on sale =)

  3. I like Cool Mint, Purple Stain and Pretty Petrol. I wonder if I can find somewhere locally that carries Gosh. I've never heard of bloom but the color looks nice on your nails.

  4. Mama Jen- Oh do they do make very nice products. :)

    Sher- Liking UD liners got me into them in the first place. :D

    Phyrra- I'm not sure but I know for a fact US girls can get them online.
    Bloom has the same sort of price range of MAC or maybe a bit more expensive over here, a extremely lovely quality brand. x