Monday, 30 November 2009

I Love... Glossy Lip Balm & NOTD

I love... strawberries & milkshake was the scent I picked out. The balms come in a variety of scents which you can see here and I purchased this at Ethel Austin for a £1.
'I Love... Cosmetics' is a whole bath & body line which produces all scents you'd like to eat!
So onto the balm, it's packaged in a bog standard plastic pot but is quite big than the usual, being 15ml.
The scent is very much like a real strawberry milkshake but the taste is not overpowering that it will make you sick.
It's also not an average balm, as it has a tint, being a sheer milky nude pink.
The texture is glossy, slippery and thick in a nice way.
For the moisturising properties, I feel that it has that too. I think this would look great as a nudey lipgloss or top and experiment this with other lip colours. I hope to try out new flavours but I must try and get through this one first, as there is so much in there!

NOTD- Milani Gold Leaf, which I say is like Tinkerbell in a bottle. The colour is more of a chartreuse in real life (silly flash) with the prettiest golden sparkles.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Milani Haul & EOTD

So while shopping today I browsed through Ethel Austin as it had a big 20% off all items in store.
Now to my surprise my eyes literally popped out of head when I saw a few trays with Milani items a £1 each but really 80p! I wish I had got more but I was such in a rush. I would love to add that 'Gold Leaf' Nail Polish is like Tinkerbell in a bottle! *click pic to enlarge*

A quick EOTD- Not sure how I feel about this one.

Shadows Used- Hard Candy Punk Palette, Bloom Eskimo, Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx, Avon ColorTrend Eyeliner Plum Craze.

Haha tired eye ^

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 6

Avon ColorTrend Liquid Liners in Plum Craze & Electric Blue- Had these for a while but didn't get around to posting about them. The colour you see in the bottle is the colour you get on your eyes. Very rich and pigmented, they come with a felt tip type applicator which I love. I much prefer to wear these combined with a black liquid eyeliner for more definition.
I believe they've recently brought out a new collection of shades too which look very appealing!
BarryM Matt Super Soft Eye Crayon in No.7 Matt Blue- Yes one of the new ones! I only managed to buy one as they didn't have many in my local Superdrug. When they said 'Super Soft' they really meant it! It's very pigmented and easy to use. The colour of the pencil in the pictures is a lot darker in real life sorry *coughs* flash, sometimes it happens.

Lip Smacker in Strawberry Cupcake- My favourite ever Lip Smacker, seriously this stuff tastes incredible, just like strong strawberry icing on a cupcake. Need to buy another immediately when I find one because I know it will run out soon!

Last but not least...I won NudeLace's Giveway! How pretty is this presented? All in beautiful sweet ribbon with the cutest note. I absoutely love everything and yes the sweets got eaten straight away by me & my son.

Ahh look at those lovely roses! Thanks soo much Zoe for your generosity & effort! You made my day! :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

La Femme Palette EOTD

I'm so amazed on how strong these shadows are! You can see my review here.
Shadows used- La Femme Palette 4, Sleek Nightlife

Rimmel Shock Gloss in 208 AMP'ED

Straight away you can tell this idea is from a few Japanese lip products with the 'Spatula' applicator but I don't think that they got it quite right, the applicator is just a bit too sharp and scratchy and not smooth as I was expecting. This makes the application very streaky and you have to blend it out with your finger after, which is just messy.
The gloss itself is a different story because I love it, as soon as you open the tube you're blessed with a gorgeous strawberry jelly scent. The texture also reminds me of jelly but more opague surpisingly and not as sticky. It's only a tad sticky, which I guess is to keep the longevity. :)
On the tube it reads '3D Magnifying Lipgloss' which I can see, as it's very glossy and has a nice thickness. Funny enough I'd describe Amp'Ed as a strawberry jelly glassy red.
Overall Rimmel did a great job on the product itself just need to work on the applicator because it's a terrific idea when made the right way.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Burnt Magenta EOTD

This could of been a lot better if I didn't rush!
Shadows used- Bloom Eskimo, Urban Decay Fishnet, MAC Amber Lights, Cover Girl Shimmering Onyx

Monday, 16 November 2009

Ultimate Collection Shimmer Blush

As soon as I saw this in Wilkinsons at the Holiday gift section, I thought straight away MAC MSF dupe! Yes ok, so it's those unbranded gift sets that usually are pointless, but this was just saying 'get me!' and I'm glad I did. I actually do think some of those cheaper gift sets have started improving recently.
First off it's very glittery and shimmery and very hard to capture on camera and of course this is a overlay but underneath is a very indeed lovely product of shimmer and glow and no naughty matte.
It's also surprisingly pigmented for these type of things and is a very rosy medium pink that warms up with added gold veining.
The packaging is in fact solid and very heavy it's 18g is a little big. :) You also get a brush that is of course one those useless flat brushes, but a very cute touch to the set.
So at £2.99 this is my bargain buy of the week.


Dark Green Smoke EOTD

A little bit basic today, but it goes so well with dark red lips.
Shadows used- Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife, No7 LE Shimmer Kohl Palette (Dark green shade).
Also I tried out a sample of Clinique Lash Power mascara and I'm not keen on it at all, it's clumpy rock hard and a bugger to get off.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Sleek Sheer Cover in Silk Vs MAC Glaze in Bubbles Lipsticks

They both do their job in lightening your other lip products, but there is a difference that Sleek is less then half the price.
In the pink packaging is Sleek Sheer Cover in Silk and the other is MAC Glaze lipstick in Bubbles which is from the Sugarsweet collection, they are both sheer formulas.
Now in the second photo they look exactly the same, but they actually aren't, whilst Silk is more of an Ivory golden toned white and Bubbles is a brighter pink toned white.

Top to Bottom Sleek Silk and MAC Bubbles.
I also did a swatch of a random lipstick to show how these lipsticks do their job
I used MAC Mattene lipstick in 40's Pink which a lovely medium rosebud pink.
Top to bottom
40's Pink on it's own, 40's Pink & Silk and 40's Pink & Bubbles.

My verdict is they're both lovely moisturising formulas, but obviously Sleek lipsticks don't have the Vanilla smell and I cannot detect any scent or flavour from this lipstick.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sleek Blush in Pixie Pink

Firsty... Hello pigment!
Yes these blushes are totally pigmented and this was the lightest shade they had which is Pixie Pink a beautiful bright bubblegum pink. The texture applies very evenly and is smooth at that too.
The packaging is very similar to their favoured eye palettes, but obviously smaller. It has a nice mirror in matte black quality packaging and the best thing is you won't break a nail trying to open it, as these are much easier to open then the eye palettes and silly waste of space flat useless brush, the room is all filled with blush!

Sleek done a very good job in my opinion!
You can get Sleek at Superdrug and soon online, which will be nice because Superdrug never seem to stock everything.