Friday, 9 October 2009

Yves Rocher Luminelle Gloss & Charm

Yves Rocher doesn't really get mentioned that much in the blogging world. I think it's a very underrated brand indeed.
This wonderful French brand sort of falls in the category of Avon and Oriflame with a big catalog of a wide variety of their own cosmetics! From lipstick to teas.
These lipglosses are from their Luminelle range and are so very pretty. They have little beaded charms attached to them, that are suitable for your mobile, handbag or even your wall ha! You also have a choice of unclipping them, so you can actually keep the charm when you're done with it.
I picked out two shades 'Pretty Parme - A silvered violet & 'Crazy Rose'- A gold toned peach there is also a option of 'Blanc On Ice' which I'm gathering is a snowy sheer gloss.
First of all they smell absolutely delicious! They smell like fruity raspberries.
It also says on the back 'Enriched with hydrating floral wax extracts' so sounds good to me.
They comes with a slant squeeze applicator, squeeze tubes are definitely the most hygienic!

The consistency of these glosses are quite thick and a teeny bit sticky but not the least like MAC lipglasses.


  1. Pretty glosses. I have a Bourjois lipgloss like this. I don't have it on my phone right now. I should reattach it.
    Yves Rocher used to sold on one of the home shopping networks, but I haven't see it in years. Every once in a while I see an ad for their catalog. Their prices are quite reasonable.

  2. hey what a pretty swatch. I must agree, theres a lot of really good makeup brand out there that has beeing over looked all the time.

    im glad you liked my eyeshadow cd palette.

  3. Deb- Really? I only ever order online, they send me product leaflets too. x

    Becky- Thanks! There's so may brands out there you get so overwhelmed!

    I love your palette, I started making one myself in a tin. Just random pans which the casing broke in their original compacts. I actually used superglue lol.
    I wish our Avon had Mark! x