Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wild And Crazy

Wild And Crazy is a drugstore type brand, that has quite a large colour selection. I'm gathering it's more available in the US as seen on Cherry Culture, I haven't seen these in the UK shops only online which you can get here & here.
I actually have quite mixed feelings on this brand, but for certain I love the nail polish I recently posted about, which you can see here.

Mad Raven Eyeshadow- For starters this is not what I imagined a shade named 'Mad Raven' to be like. It's quite sheer and is not the blackest black shadow. I'd most certainly use it as a grey shadow.

Prom Eyeshadow- This is actually quite pretty it's a peached coral, that is more pigmented then Mad Raven! It appears to have a slight spark to it.

Lavender Super Lasting Eyeliner- I cannot possibly understand why this liquid liner calls itself Lavender? It's actually a white! I'm really not sure what to do with it. The application is very streaky, patchy and watery.

Ultra Shine Lipgloss Drama Queen- I'm really liking this, as soon as I opened it, I smelt choccy!
It's a nice thick formula that isn't overly sticky. This is a purple gloss and it is a bit darker then in my following pics.

So really this brand is a hit & miss!
Anyone that's tried this brand? Let me know what you think. :)


  1. If it's more available in the US, it must not be available anywhere near me, because the first I'd heard of it was on Cherry Culture. However, it reminds me of another cheap brand with a similar name: Wet N Wild. I've found these brands are very hit and miss as you say. Sometimes they do put out a really stellar product, but mostly it's mediocre

  2. I gathered it was because mostly Ebay sellers from the US would sell it with another brand Sinful Colors. It does remind me of Wet 'N Wild also! I do prefer Wet 'N Wild though. :)

  3. Try using that liner as a highlighter. I have Frostlite Gel liner by MAC and it still goes a little streaky when used as a liner so i use it as a brow highlight. And in the inner corners of my eyes.

  4. That's a great idea, thanks. :)
    I tried blending it out and it works pretty good. x