Friday, 16 October 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 4

Miss Sporty lipsticks don't really seem to get loved. I on the other hand do love this fellow here '202 Melody', they also have quite a selection of interesting shades.
Melody is a beautiful pearled nude beige, it would go with just about anything. It's decently pigmented with moisture but not overly moisturising, those kind don't last as long. These sort of have a vanilla scent but with a smell that's a little crayony, not really awful though and they don't have any nasty taste. The packaging is very cheap and basic but sturdy enough, so the lid won't fall off in your bag. These lipsticks are available at most UK drugstores and under £2.00 they're worth a look into!

Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliners have only recently hit the shelves and come a nice selection of 6 shades. Oh yes the booger stuff featured on the lid is from the uber sticky security tag, which doesn't come off....I did try a baby wipe but it didn't work.
Anyhow I chose Green as, it stood out the most for me. It's a beautiful bright metallic toxic grass green with itty bitty iridescence, nicely pigmented at that too. :)
The applicator is a felt tip which I think are easier to work with. Metallic liners are £4.50 each.

As you may as well know that Bodyform are giving away free Jemma Kidd Lipglosses! In selected ranges of towels. So you may as well buy loads just for the gloss!
There's two shades to get but I have no idea what mine is because it's doesn't say.
Ok so the glosses are very sheer and quite sticky...but the smell whoa! It smells of tropical fruit juice and I could easily eat it, ok maybe I shouldn't...


  1. Love the look of 202 Melody. It's a perfect nude.

  2. oooh love the jemma kidd gloss - so juicy.

    great blog btw - we'll def be back. love your honesty with things.

    have you seen our big beauty giveaway yet? come check it out.

    love tbag xx

  3. Deb- I'm really loving this lipstick! :)

    The Beautiful & Glammed- Aww thank you, I always speak my mind in reviews otherwise I don't see a point lol. :)
    I will check that out. :D

  4. Oh I haven't seen those Barry M Liners yet, am going to have to see if I can find them!
    I tagged you for an award on my blog! x

  5. Jobetterdays-I love coloured liners, they always seem to perk up my black.
    Aww really? :D x

  6. Great blog! Where did you get the bodyform from? I've checked several branches of Boots with no luck, I'm hoping they've not been sold out x