Sunday, 11 October 2009

*~Two EOTDs~*

Very blue eyeshadow look.
Shadows Used- Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife, Urban Decay Goddess, Milani Atlantis & Urban Decay 24/7 Liner Electric.
Now that I've uploaded it, it very much reminds me of a Smurf ha. I do love intense eye looks.

This is as neutral as is it probably gets for me. As much as I also love neutral eye looks. I definitely prefer exaggerated.
Shadows Used- Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife, No7 LE Heavenly palette.


  1. I do love the blue and it is not smurfy in the least!

  2. I really love both of them! The neutral one is really pretty!

  3. Evil Angel- Thank you! I have to say I'm not very keen on the Smurfs lol. x

    Jobbetterdays- Aww, thanks. :D I do have hard time making 'neutrals' heh x

  4. I happen to be a color lover myself, so the blue look is my favorite of the two. I don't think it looks Smurf-y at all. It's dramatically beautiful!

  5. deffinitly in love with both looks, but I'm particularly loving the blue

  6. Deb- Thanks. :) Glad you love colour too. x

    makeupxmusic- Thank you! I definitely have more fun playing with colour. x