Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Ted Baker Beauty Master'Ize Kit Three

Ted Baker stocks luxury body products for men & women at Boots but now a few cosmetic kits, which are available online and a larger Boots. I was a little hesitant to try this as I bought it online and never saw it person.
I am actually pretty impressed with it.
This set comes with a mini mascara, mini eye pencil, brow groomer and 4 four shadows with a sponge and brush dual applicator.
The shadows are surprisingly pigmented and very soft and the shades come out exactly how you see them in the pans, the quality didn't apply the same to the mascara and eyeliner as they are a pretty basic quality.
The liner is a nice shade of a matte cool lilac brown which is quite soft but not the best of formulas.
I am disappointed that the mascara is brown, as that shade of mascara is way too neutral for me.

I do think this palette is worth it for just the shadows themselves and of course the nicely designed packaging it has a plastic flip over to keep your shadows fresh, ribbon embedded to hook out your tools at ease and a Too Faced inspired mirror, don't you think? :)


  1. This looks pretty neat! I definitely see the Too Faced inspiration there! I can never use brown mascara either!

  2. Ahh I'm not a fan of brown mascara at all, I always give it to my mum. That looks like a pretty neat set

    Rosie xx xx

  3. That purple eye shadow is so pretty.
    I'm with you, I don't do brown mascara.

  4. Lisa Kate- :) I love Too Faced, I definitely want to get my hands on the French & Fabulous palette.x

    Rosie- Haha, yeah there is quite a few that swear by brown mascara, but I never see this indicated in the shops.. they never run out. :D

    Phyraa- It is really pretty purple and yep brown mascara just doesn't go with the dramatic makeup I love. x