Friday, 2 October 2009

NYX Lip Balm in Apple

I love lip balm and I also love the smell of apples, so I guess this is the reason why I purchased this!
It comes in a plastic pot which is probably the same size as The Body Shop balms but slightly taller.
To be honest it's pretty much an average balm, it has a jelly like texture, and can get thick and tacky if you apply a little too much. The scent is not what I was hoping to be as it's not very strong at all. Basically it tastes more than it smells, which is very sweet like some artificial apple lollipop.
NYX have 9 flavours which you can see here. I purchased mine here.
So it isn't Lip smackers but it's a nice addition to my collection, most things that NYX sell are quite amazing but this isn't as high standards.

I do love scented and flavoured lip products as it makes them more pleasurable to use, how about you?

It doesn't come out green, but it would be great if it did!


  1. I also love the apple taste/scent. I may have to get this!!

  2. There needs to be more apple goodies around. x