Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Nivea Lip Care Light Kiss

Nivea is famous for it's creams but also it's lip care.
So some of their lip balms have been rather boring and a few not doing their job that well like the blue tube I'm trying to finish... but yes seriously 'Light Kiss' is something else, I have never come across a formula that is unique and gives me a feeling like I want to apply this again and again. The texture is simply amazing!
As soon as you apply it you feel a icy sensation that isn't tingly but cooling, you get a really beautiful scent which I would describe as a buttermilk floral, yes strangely enough it's dreamy!
The texture straight away seems oily, then it decides to go balmy and dissolves into your lips. This is why I think this is a perfect lip base as you will get moisturised lips without ruining the texture of your lipstick.
This baby cost £2.99 and if you put it in a high end packaging you really wouldn't know.

The packaging comes in a plastic screw top container and also has a foiled layer to keep freshness like butter. :)
It would be nice if they would make a option of having a tube version.


  1. I have this too and love it! I cant even explain the formula but its kinda like oil but balmy? its great when you want a bit of moisture :)

  2. It's definitely a formula I've not experienced from any other brand. x