Thursday, 8 October 2009

EOTD & MAC Lipglass Viva Glam VI (SE)

Today I went for a green & purple look which I haven't done for ages.

Shadows Used- No7 LE Dramatic Palette the 'green' & 'purple ( from Autumn last year), Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife & the green liner is Urban Decay 24/7 Covet.

This MAC lipglass, I completely forgot about! It was part of my birthday gift in April and I found it today unopened. This came with the Fergie Viva Glam Collection and is a Special Edition so it's a absoultely different to the standard VI. MAC describe this as a 'Soft pink-tinged mauve (frost)'.
I think this is a good description but it's way more pink then mauve and is very sheer. It's still avalible to buy, which I do recommend as every penny all goes to charity!

The other thing is that, I was wearing this the other day on my way to the local shops and you know what they say? 'lipgloss is a fly trap' well guess what? It was really was! The wind blew a little black fly that crash landed into my gloss and died. Drowned in MAC lipglass!
Anyway it hasn't put me off, because I love the glossiest lipgloss that smells of sweet vanilla.


  1. I like the green and purple together! I normally do a yellow-green, like a chartreuse, with purple. I'll have to try a green more like this :)

  2. Phyraa-Haha I'll probably try a purple with bitter green now. x :)

    Mama Jen- I do love green shadow! x

  3. This is beautiful. You should do a tutorial!

  4. Hi Niki,
    Thank you! Hopefully I will when I get a little more confidence. :)

  5. Your lashes look UNREAL here!! Stunning!!!!!!!

  6. Your lashes look UNREAL here!! Stunning!!!!!!!

  7. Aww, Thanks Tail! I wish I could wear falsies though, but I'm too scared. I've seen so many girls with them falling off at the tips of their real lashes lol.