Thursday, 1 October 2009

Colours, I've Been Tagged.

Today I was tagged by the sweet Blacknp&lipgloss.
This is a little fun and random, the one that tags you chooses a colour and you have to find 7 things that colour, whip out your camera and take a picture.
She happened to choose 'Red' great because I looove red. :)
Yes so some things in this picture appear 'pink' but I assure you they're Red!

1: Guerlain Samsara fragrance

2: A random pretty red bead cross necklace

3. Big fat lip smacker in Strawberry

4 O.P.I Nail Polish in Quarter Of A Cherry

5. Bourjois 3D Effect lipgloss in Fraise Pailletee

6. Milani Lipstick in Royal Ruby

7. Stargazer shadow in Deep Red

Ahhh there you go! Oh by the way 7 happens to be my unlucky number haha, for some reason!
Muhaha I'm going to tag a few sweet bloggers, my shade for you is Blue!
It really is optional though.
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  1. red is also my fave colour. cant go wrong!

  2. Yay! I'm doing this tag right now! Love the necklace!

  3. Sher- Glad you like Red too. x

    Lisa Kate- Just checked your post, love it. x

  4. Blue is my fav colour I'll be doing this maybe tomorrow or Saturday! :D

  5. That's great! Look forward to seeing your post. x