Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Collection 2000 Eye Palettes!

Collection 2000 Eye Palettes are pretty much, well new as they're not up on the site yet, but are available at Superdrug, where I purchased mine. They are quite a bargain actually, being only £3.91 each.
As far as I know there are currently 2 palettes, which really remind me of the old Hard Candy palettes. You get 9 shades in each, which are about the size of a 1 pence coin. The pigmentation varies, some of these are very sheer and others are surprisingly pigmented, especially the sparkly metallic pans.
I think they're so cute and would easily fit into your handbag. I love palettes as they're are so fun to play about with.
My swatches are always on bare skin, so no primer is used, though I do wear Urban Decay Primer Potion whenever I wear eye make-up.

*click to enlarge pics*

Poptastic- Bright neon shades

Angelic- More mellow but not the least neutral.


  1. I still have some of my old Hard Candys! Those DO look like them! Very cute! I'm really loving the first one!

  2. hey, these palettes looks very pretty!!

  3. Lisa-Kate- I still have my old one too. :) The difference is that the Hard Candy ones have individual shade names. x

    Becky- They are. :) I love palettes! x