Monday, 12 October 2009

Claire's Black Lipstick

This was the only lipstick I saw while in Claire's and at £2.50, why not?
I thought this would be a little different as it has cute little silvered sparkles on the black lipstick, yes well as I found out it's just a overlay! This lipstick is not suitable to wear on it's own, as no matter how moisturised your lips are, it's too patchy and sheer. The texture is very shiny and soft and it has no evil smell, I cannot detect any scent. As I found out this baby makes up some weird and wonderful shades combined with some other lipsticks, the colour is sheer enough to work with and can be built up.

So I picked up a small bunch of lipsticks and began topping them with the black lipstick!
Claire's Black + NYX Strawberry Milk - Strawberry Milk is so hard to work with, the formula doesn't seem to be like the other Round lipsticks. It shows up every flaw and is not as a moisturising texture. Add the Claire's lipstick, it turns out a lot different for the better. :)

Claire's Black + GOSH Darling - One of the nudest lipsticks ever meets black. This actually turned out darker than with Strawberry Milk.

Claire's Black + Milani Royal Ruby - This shimmered pink red, turns to a beautiful darkened berry.
The creativity is endless, and incredibly fun!


  1. I like how it looks with the nude-pinky colour, definitly gives it some dimension and definitly a different look, good different.

  2. It doesn't surprise me that it's on the sheer side. I think a large segment of Claire's customer base is pre-teen girls. However, you'd think wearing opaque black lipstick would be fine for Halloween.
    At least you found a good use for it. I probably wouldn't have even thought about layering. I would have tossed it out.

  3. Niki-I was thinking the same thing, I love different. x

    Deb- As it's sheer, it's so much easier to apply it to another colour without going overboard and you can build intensity as much as you want.
    With full blown pigment, it not as easy.
    Saying that Claire's seem to have more variety in there nowadays. The shadows are something else though, they are very pigmented.x