Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 2

Round 2 haha, oh what a day! I just won Black Nail Polish And Lip Gloss fall giveaway! This is coming from a first time winner, who well doesn't usually ever! get this kind of luck, but yay, woo hoo!!!! Be sure to check out her blog as it's full of beauty galore with added Gothic goodness, not only that, she has her own line of makeup named Evil Shades!

Here is my EOTD, it isn't my best, but I love cool toned purple mixes!

I Used:
Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife, Milani Enchantment, A random blue-purple Pupa shadow from an Xmas shadow trio, Revlon Liquid liner in Black, UD 24/7 Liner in Lust.

Here is was my first blush ever! Which still remains my all time favourite. It's a shade that if I blushed this could be it. It's not too warm and it's not too cool either. It's just well No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in Soft Damson. It's very natural yes, but build able. Being Goth I never cared to wear blush for a very long time, till one day I wanted to try it and I did, I found out it doesn't take away the pale hue, but embraces it. It sculpts and defines your features, I couldn't understand how I lived without it for so long. So now I'm a total blush freak and there's plenty more where this came from. Oh and looky at my nice pan coming through?


  1. Congrats doll! That happened to me was like I never won anything then one day I won 2 contests!! Then nothing since. Hopefully my luck will turn around again!

    I love your eotd! Cool toned purples are my favorites! I'm wearing Mirelle from Aromaleigh today and its so pretty!

    Wow, lots of exclaiming!

  2. Lisa Kate- Thanks! That was random being two contests. :)
    I see Aromaleigh being a rave at the moment, I'm going to have to try it one day hopefully.
    Haha yes lots of exclaiming, I do that when I'm excited, hope it isn't a bad habit. x

  3. Beautiful!
    I love cool toned purpoes as well :)
    Aromaleigh is awesome, too, lots of great purples!

  4. congratulations!
    the purple shadow makes your blue eyes stand out even more.
    greetz, lilly

  5. Your eyes look amazing!! That blush is pretty too, I might check it out I need to try a new one and as I'm so pale I'd love a soft colour like that =)

    Rosie xx xx

  6. You win twice...I just Tagged you love! Check my blog for details!

  7. Phyrra-Purple & Red are my favourite colours, aswell as Black & Silver. :)

    Lilly- Thank you so much! x

    Rosie- Awww, Thanks! Oh do check it out, it'll look fab on you. :D

    Evil Angel- LOL :) Thanks! Just finished the post. x