Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Update & Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating lately as I have had a bout of rotten flu. When I’m sick I act like man, so you could say it was man flu.

I’m just at the end of it hopefully so I’ll be posting a lot more.


So I’ve been using my saviour, which is the only thing for me that heals severely chapped lips and that is Carmex. I’ve even used it on my nose with constant tissue blowing. It soothed all the redness away.

I much prefer the ‘cherry’ version, it smells much better than the original, of course it still smells medicated but with the most strongest cherry scent which I think is really pleasant.

The texture can be thick or thin on how you apply it. I apply it with a cotton bud so it’s sanitary. Either that or a lip brush for potted products.



  1. I never thought about using a cotton bud before, I always use an antibac hand gel then use my fingers.

  2. I love Carmex - It's an absolute lifesaver when I've got cracked/sore lips! x

  3. Rosie-I should post my collection of anti-bacterial gels one time lol. :)
    I always use these before applying makeup or doing swatches.
    Tackyblueeyeshadow- It is! It works so much better than just plain vaseline.