Tuesday, 1 September 2009

*Steal* Morrisons Age Rejuvenation Enriched Hand Cream

Ah! First day of a new month and a new season.
I use hand cream lots, considering I'm a germaphob and always wash my hands, they seem to dry out a lot and hand cream is a must!
Anyhow I've seen many supermarket brands bursting with their own line of anti-aging products, at more than fair prices. I know I'm only 20 but I believe as soon as you hit mid teens it's time to invest in age fighting products, and believe me I've seen many people that look way older before their time.
Now tell tale signs about aging, some always think of their face and forget about main parts that are on focus like the neck area and your hands!
Morrisons have came out with age busting goodies called 'Age Rejuvenation' which consists of everything from Hand Wash to Facial wipes.
This hand cream costs only £1.65! Although the red & yellow packaging isn't that great, who cares when it promises to do these things.
*Reduces The Level Of Damaging Free Radicals
*Reduces The Appearance Of Age Spots
Also comes with vitamin C & E
So what do I think?
It's a thick consistency, blends well, a tad greasy at first but sinks in pretty fast.
It smells quite expensive, the scent is almost like a refreshing floral apple kind of smell if that makes sense.
This is definitely a good buy no matter how old you are.
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