Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some Of My Fave's From Urban Decay

Other than my beloved Holy Grail Urban Decay Primer Potion, Urban Decay have so many wonderful products. Here is a few of my favourites.....

Ammo Palette, is a mirrored palette with a gorgeous variety of 10 eye shadows infested with intense pigment and glitz.
There is not a single shade in this palette I do not like!

Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper

Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter, Sin,

Deluxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet - Urban Decay describes this as a 'Iridescent Purple' though I would describe this as a Violet Pink with Blue Pearl. I love the consistency of this shadow, very smooth and intense.

Eyeshadow in Envy - Which is a long discontinued shade I adore. There will never be a as pretty metallic marine blue as this!

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils- Ah these are beautiful, the best pencils I have come across by far, sorry Gosh Velvet touch liners you're just a bit behind! They do exactly as they say, and they're so intensely creamy.
Top to Bottom- Baked, Lust, Electric, Covet, Dime, Zero, 1999.

Lipstick in Voodoo- This is described as a 'Dark Pink' which I think is more on the lines as a 'Sheer Red' It is a wonderful formulation, that is moisturizing, but not 'slidey around your mouthy' The only thing I don't get is when they said it 'is infused with a decadent crème caramel scent and flavor' which I think it's smells more like licorice and the taste is a little bitter, but not too bad. I'll put up with it because I love the shade and texture so much....and of course the packaging! I'll hope I'd possibly get Confession lipstick soon. :D


  1. Lovely swatches!
    I like the lip color as well.

  2. Gorgeous colors! I wish it was that easy to snag these here in the Philippines. Good thing my beloved goes home to LA every now and then.

  3. i've been wanting to try their eyeliners, i heard they're great but UD is not available here. :(

    thank you for following!


  4. Phyrra- Glad you liked x

    Tish- We always want the brands we can't have easy access too. It's good that you have your own custom purchaser than. :) x

    *Nehs*- Awww, that's sad.I though UD was widely avalible till now. Maybe they will come to you in the future. In the meantime you could try Ebay. x