Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some Favourite Shimmery Shadows

Thought I'd post some ramblings and photos of shimmery shadows I have that I think are beautiful!

Kleancolor Super Shimmer Shadow Trio Palette in Girly- Super icy and pigmented, these are also quilted like NYX shadows. These are ultra silky too, and are only $3.00 each so that's about £1.85! These are available at Nonpareill Boutique, and they also ship international.

Stila Eyeshadow Kitten- This seems to be a well known favourite, and I can see why. A gorgeous champagne peach that's super pigmented with fine shimmers. Stila shadows just make blending easy.

Me Me Me Beautifully you Eyeshadow 6 Argent- This is everything I wanted Rimmel Glitz to be. This is a beautiful iced sterling silver.

Too Faced Label Whore - This is in the limited edition luxe packaging but you can still buy it in the standard casing. Some say it's a dupe of Mac's Blue Brown.
It's a metallic brown with blue iridescent. An absolutely glamorous colour.

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  1. Label whore is so pretty...I have never seen it here.

    p.s. Kitten is just awesome.