Sunday, 6 September 2009

Soap & Glory Feel The Knead

What a delight I had using this cellulite busting soap!
So when I picked up the first one on the shelf from Boots, I thought it looked strange with 'white cotton looking bits over it' I checked the others but they were all the same.
So I gather this seems to be some sort of fancy overlay. :)
I was amazed when i first opened it, as a gorgeous aroma hit me, like a wakening aromatic oil scent.
This is so easy to use! You just wet it, in the shower and massage where needed.
It looks like the head of a back massager, but with a twist because it has little particles inside that when rubbing it feels like a back scratcher. It isn't harsh in the slightest either. The scent filled up my bathroom too!
I have to say after I used it, I instantly felt smoother and tighter. I will definitely carry on with this product!
At £5.00 for all this you couldn't go wrong.

Anyhow about cellulite? Most women do have a little, or they just haven't noticed it yet. Anyone who doesn't please do tell. :)

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