Friday, 11 September 2009

Me Me Me Ultra Duo Satin & Shine Lipstick

Me Me Me a drugstore brand, only available at Superdrug.
They sell a wide variety of makeup ranging for eye shadows to nail polishes.
The lipstick I picked up is called 'Eva' which actually is the only lipstick being sold online and is going for £3.00!
So while this lipstick has two colours in one. I think both the sides are uber glossy, like a gloss stick.
I can't see 'satin' anywhere.
The strawberry deep red side is very pigmented, while the shimmery peachy pink is very sheer.
I love the packaging on this one being a smooth metal striped casing. When you open it up you get a whiff of sweet strawberries, which is very nice. This lipstick feels great on the lips without any bad taste, just glossy and balmy. The wear is also average you might get a stain if you wear the red side as it's very strong, but you can soften it with the pinky side.

The 'Satin Side'
The 'Shine Side'
Mixed together


  1. ooo I've never seen a lipstick like that before, how weird. Knowing my luck I'd have my look sorted for one colour in particular and mess it up by having the lipstick the wrong way round when putting it on lol x

  2. Yes, I get you! :)
    I do however mix them up anyway as I prefer it like that. x