Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Johnson's Dreamy Skin 3IN1 Facial Night Wipes

Ah, Johnson's wipes have always been a staple for me, since the day I tried them.
I remember when the Johnson's brand was just for babies, now that's a thing of the past since they created skincare for us too! They just keep expanding with wonderful products!
Johnson's already have 3 versions of the 3IN1 facial wipes already, each in different colours, with different doings for your type of skin.
Green for Combination
Blue for Sensitive/Dry
Pink for Normal
And now Lilac for all skin types!

Anyhow onto the wipes, so all Johnson's wipes are very wet!
So removing all make-up is a breeze, without tugging, which I really hate!
I find a lot of make-up removing wipes burn my skin, these do NOT the slightest.
These ones aren't as wet as the others, but on the other hand do the same job just as well!
The smell of these lovelies are incredible, like sweet lavender with a hint of musk.
Dreamy Skin wipes are very cooling and seem even more soothing than the others.

At the moment I could only find these in a larger Superdrug. Other stores should start to follow anyway.
A pack of 25 sets you back at around £2.90.
Plus I think the sheets are on the big side of a remover wipe.


  1. I do love Johnsons wipes, wet definitely is the word to describe them, they just glide the make up off your skin.

  2. I love them too for removing face make-up. Although I find they're still not good enough to remove waterproof mascara, which is pretty much the only type I use! Ughhhhh

  3. Thanks for commenting ladies x
    Jian- Oh really?
    I do find these the most efficient for a makeup wipe though. Too strong product, I find burns. :)