Friday, 11 September 2009

Hard Candy and....... Punk Palette

Hard Candy, the little sis of Urban Decay has gone? No, they have not...they're just updating! As you can see from their 'site' with a big 'under construction' and a exciting new design. So hopes up for new inventions and packaging!
Since Hard Candy, have been out, I've never heard much love for the brand.
I particularly love Hard Candy's make-up with everything shimmery, pigmented and candy related.
As you can see i whipped out one of my old loves that I still love...

'Punk Palette' you could also get a 'Princess Palette' too which I do not have.
I took some swatches to show you how pigmented they're! The shadows are very smooth and wow
at the shimmer powder which is very intense! The best I've owned so far.
It also comes with a cute tutorial for a punk look. :)
*Click Pics to enlarge*

Shadow#1, Shadow#2, Shadow#3
Blush and Shimmer powders
Mild and Wild potted lipglosses

So there you have it, I'm really looking forward to a new release of Hard Candy. I do also hope we will be getting it in the UK!