Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Eyeko 5In1 Eyeshadow Cakes & NOTD

Eyeko shadow cakes, I checked out the site and at the moment they're only selling one on there which is the 'Pretty Eyes'.
I currently have 'Cool Eyes' and 'Pretty Eyes' which are £5.00 each.
Ok, so they look stunning in the palette they look so shimmery and some are glitzy, but overall I'm pretty much disappointed because they're not very pigmented at all. The good thing, well they're
very blendable and they would be a nice kick to complement other shadows. Sorry Eyeko but you do get what you pay for on these ones.

Cool Eyes- Frosty white, Grey With White Shimmers, Metallic Deep Blue, Darker Grey With Blue
Particles, Pearly Purple

Pretty Eyes- Creamy Gold, Frosty White, Lilac, Deep Pink, Shimmery Peach

Last but not least Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Twinkle Shine in 1? They have the shades listed on the shelves but not on the products. This is one of those gorgeous pale lavender colours but with twinkly sparkles. :) Miss Sporty is available from both Superdrug and Boots.


  1. I love the nail polish! Too bad we don't carry the Miss Sporty brand here. And the pretty eyes palette looks gorgeous =)

  2. I have looked at those eyeshadows sooooo many times but like you said the pigmentation isn't great. Everytime I am in Superdrug I swatch them in the hope that they have some how magically changed!

  3. Karen- This is my other loves too! :)

    Robert Smith's M - I ordered them online, so no testers. I love the concept of them being a eye cake' though. x

    Tacky Blue Shadow- The photo is taken under artificial light, but today outside it looked even better, so bright and pretty. :D