Monday, 7 September 2009

Bonne Bell Rolly Lip Smacker in Coca Cola

How I Love you Bonne Bell!
Everything about Lip Smackers I truly love, they're just so fun products.
They always bring out new and interesting flavours plus packaging.
To tell you the truth I'm yet to come across a lip smacker I hate.
The price of these cute lip products in the UK are not as cheap as the US...and you can only purchase these at Claire's. Unless of course you have Internet access.
This one I did buy at Claire's costing £3.00 for just one.
Coca-Cola Rolly Lip Smacker really does smell like Cola! It also tastes too, but the taste isn't overpowering. It's coke but without the fizz.
I love the 80's style roller-ball, I always find these fun to put on, being as you always get the nice cooling effect too. :)
The lip product itself has a soft subtle shine, without being too greasy and no stickiness. The cola shade present doesn't come out, so completely pigment free.
They don't last too long either, but it's so fun to put on you won't really care. I think most of the reason being is that you lick it off!

Yes bare lips with lip smacker on top. :)