Sunday, 27 September 2009

17 Metallic Eye Pencils + NOTD

17 is Boot's own brand aimed at the younger generation. I've always loved the 17 range!
They are always updating their packaging and bringing out new products through the years.
Anyhow I can't stop using these fat pencils, they're a lovely pigmented smooth formula, they glide on like Urban Decay's 24/7 liners. They don't seem to fade on me through the day either which I have trouble with a lot of these type of pencils.
17 pencils do live up to their name 'metallic' but with glowy iridescence
I only have two at the moment, but I honestly want to pick up some more.

Gold- Is a obviously a gold but is a true gold to me.

Green- Isn't really green, it's more like a blue teal.

NOTD H&M Gold with a topping of Seche Vite.
I've had this in my stash for a while, I love the formulation, being smooth and easy to work with, it's very frosty but you can not feel any grit whatsoever.
Imagine a gold mixed in with silver, this is exactly what this is.


  1. those pencils are really pretty.. love the green one.. :D

  2. Wow I love em! The gold is awesome, I could see using it as a pretty base!

  3. Love the green metallic pencil and your NOTD is gorgeous!

  4. Donnarence-I'm going to get a whole bunch more hopefully and do another post. x

    Lisa Kate- I reckon this will work well, hmmm ooo maybe a black or grey shadow over the top of the gold? :D x

    Evil Angel- Thank you! This is one of my favourite polishes as it's so different from others I've ever owned. x

  5. I love 17 the quality is fab for the price