Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 2

Round 2 haha, oh what a day! I just won Black Nail Polish And Lip Gloss fall giveaway! This is coming from a first time winner, who well doesn't usually ever! get this kind of luck, but yay, woo hoo!!!! Be sure to check out her blog as it's full of beauty galore with added Gothic goodness, not only that, she has her own line of makeup named Evil Shades!

Here is my EOTD, it isn't my best, but I love cool toned purple mixes!

I Used:
Bloom Eskimo, Sleek Nightlife, Milani Enchantment, A random blue-purple Pupa shadow from an Xmas shadow trio, Revlon Liquid liner in Black, UD 24/7 Liner in Lust.

Here is was my first blush ever! Which still remains my all time favourite. It's a shade that if I blushed this could be it. It's not too warm and it's not too cool either. It's just well No7 Natural Blush Cheek Colour in Soft Damson. It's very natural yes, but build able. Being Goth I never cared to wear blush for a very long time, till one day I wanted to try it and I did, I found out it doesn't take away the pale hue, but embraces it. It sculpts and defines your features, I couldn't understand how I lived without it for so long. So now I'm a total blush freak and there's plenty more where this came from. Oh and looky at my nice pan coming through?

Monday, 28 September 2009

MAC Beauty Marked Eyeshadow

On the MAC site, they describe this as a 'Deep Blackened red with a sparkle/twilight effect (Velvet)

To me it appears more like, the deepest brown with pinked plum micro glitters.
It's a tad gritty but once it appears on the skin it's very smooth and blendy!

Here is my EOTD, 'before filling in my brows' and yes there is one of my long hairs on it, for some reason this always happens to me ha ha. It's also strange that my eye colour appears green, but in fact it's a light blue. Anyway I'll stop chattering away with my defects and tell you what I used.

Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner Black
Bloom Eskimo- On the brow bone & inner corners
Sleek Nightlife- on the outer corners and blended through the crease.
MAC Beauty Marked- Main colour which is blended up towards the brow bone.

And swatch...
Oh yes, if any of you lovely readers have tips on taking better EOTD's please tell me, it will greatly be appreciated.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

17 Metallic Eye Pencils + NOTD

17 is Boot's own brand aimed at the younger generation. I've always loved the 17 range!
They are always updating their packaging and bringing out new products through the years.
Anyhow I can't stop using these fat pencils, they're a lovely pigmented smooth formula, they glide on like Urban Decay's 24/7 liners. They don't seem to fade on me through the day either which I have trouble with a lot of these type of pencils.
17 pencils do live up to their name 'metallic' but with glowy iridescence
I only have two at the moment, but I honestly want to pick up some more.

Gold- Is a obviously a gold but is a true gold to me.

Green- Isn't really green, it's more like a blue teal.

NOTD H&M Gold with a topping of Seche Vite.
I've had this in my stash for a while, I love the formulation, being smooth and easy to work with, it's very frosty but you can not feel any grit whatsoever.
Imagine a gold mixed in with silver, this is exactly what this is.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Some Favourite Shimmery Shadows

Thought I'd post some ramblings and photos of shimmery shadows I have that I think are beautiful!

Kleancolor Super Shimmer Shadow Trio Palette in Girly- Super icy and pigmented, these are also quilted like NYX shadows. These are ultra silky too, and are only $3.00 each so that's about £1.85! These are available at Nonpareill Boutique, and they also ship international.

Stila Eyeshadow Kitten- This seems to be a well known favourite, and I can see why. A gorgeous champagne peach that's super pigmented with fine shimmers. Stila shadows just make blending easy.

Me Me Me Beautifully you Eyeshadow 6 Argent- This is everything I wanted Rimmel Glitz to be. This is a beautiful iced sterling silver.

Too Faced Label Whore - This is in the limited edition luxe packaging but you can still buy it in the standard casing. Some say it's a dupe of Mac's Blue Brown.
It's a metallic brown with blue iridescent. An absolutely glamorous colour.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

J.Del Pozo Halloween EDT & NOTD

Perfume is also my other loves, this fragrance I had to write about though, because I've smelt nothing like it before. Also with Halloween coming up next month, what a way to celebrate it!
I haven't seen it in the shops before, but It's widely available on the web.
I'd describe this as a mysterious enchanted fragrance, like walking in the forest on a foggy eerie night, with someone watching you.
Halloween also reminds me of this song from Type O Negative - Black No.1- ' Her smells like burning leaves, everyday is Halloween'

NOTD- Ciate- Strictly Legal is a gorgeous blackberry wine with golden shimmers. Absolutely gorgeous and I have to say my photos do not do it justice at all. This is without a topcoat, and before cleanup as you can see haha.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Update & Carmex Cherry Lip Balm

I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating lately as I have had a bout of rotten flu. When I’m sick I act like man, so you could say it was man flu.

I’m just at the end of it hopefully so I’ll be posting a lot more.


So I’ve been using my saviour, which is the only thing for me that heals severely chapped lips and that is Carmex. I’ve even used it on my nose with constant tissue blowing. It soothed all the redness away.

I much prefer the ‘cherry’ version, it smells much better than the original, of course it still smells medicated but with the most strongest cherry scent which I think is really pleasant.

The texture can be thick or thin on how you apply it. I apply it with a cotton bud so it’s sanitary. Either that or a lip brush for potted products.


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vampiress Beauty Randomness

This is just me going through a few products that I'm loving at the moment.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner- Yes, when I use a shampoo, I have to buy the matching conditioner with it. I just prefer to benefit the product to the best ability.
I do go through them a lot as I always find myself getting bored easily, but this is so nice I thought I should write about it.

I really do love these at the moment, not only does this protect coloured hair, it also nourishes it!
The shampoo is divine it really froths up so quickly, the more it soaps, the cleaner your hair is.
Using these products combined, I feel that my hair isn't as dry but soft and moisturized, much more easier to brush and generally manage my hair.
The scent is lovely too, it reminds me of some sort of cake, which is yummy.
My hair is long wavy and thick and yes is a nightmare for a pair of straighteners.


N.Y.C ( New York Color) Tinted Lip Slider in Sugar Rush
This is a lip product that I can't help but reach for recently. The texture feels sumptuous, incredibly balmy, but thick and glossy too, with a great taste and scent, like sugared candy.
The shade 'Sugar Rush' which is 1 of 6 shades, appears to be the darkest shade, but really it isn't a
dark dark shade. It has just the right pinch of colour to be casual but with a hint of vamp.
I would describe this as sheer plum grape, without the slightest bit of shimmer.
Sugar Rush slider is definitely worth my while, especially with upcoming colder months to keep your lips in top condition, with just that bit of colour. N.Y.C as far as I know, is only available to purchase at Superdrug for the Brits.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Pink Cow Bath & Shower Gels + LOTD

The Pink Cow is a bath range that I only just noticed a little while ago while shopping at Boots. Though the range is quite small, as it consists of Body Scrubs and of course the Bath & Shower Gels which I have. The range comes in four scents Strawberry Sundae, Vanilla Biscuit, Lemon Cheesecake and Coconut Creme. I may get Coconut Creme next, but noway will I get Lemon Cheesecake, as much I love cheesecake I hate any citrus scents, they more or less remind me of cat pee in fragrances.
Of course these really do remind me of the Philosophy concept and N-Spa, but these are not paraben free like The Pink Cow. These are also so much cheaper then Philosophy as they are £2.99 each, and you get a huge sum of 500ml!
I've used these products in both the bath & shower and they work so well. They bubble and froth up extremely good. They're also surprisingly moisturizing, and whoa smell delicious, I literally want to eat myself ha!
Vanilla Biscuits - Reminds me of custard creams, with a hint of shortbread
Strawberry Sundae- Smells like a cocktail of tangy strawberries

.....LOTD - Avon Rainkissed Rose which is sadly missed by me, as it's discontinued. I do have one more backup though. It's honestly really bright but isn't overly cool toned. It's a beautiful pearly medium pink that reminds me of strong pink icing on cupcakes.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Eyeko 5In1 Eyeshadow Cakes & NOTD

Eyeko shadow cakes, I checked out the site and at the moment they're only selling one on there which is the 'Pretty Eyes'.
I currently have 'Cool Eyes' and 'Pretty Eyes' which are £5.00 each.
Ok, so they look stunning in the palette they look so shimmery and some are glitzy, but overall I'm pretty much disappointed because they're not very pigmented at all. The good thing, well they're
very blendable and they would be a nice kick to complement other shadows. Sorry Eyeko but you do get what you pay for on these ones.

Cool Eyes- Frosty white, Grey With White Shimmers, Metallic Deep Blue, Darker Grey With Blue
Particles, Pearly Purple

Pretty Eyes- Creamy Gold, Frosty White, Lilac, Deep Pink, Shimmery Peach

Last but not least Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Twinkle Shine in 1? They have the shades listed on the shelves but not on the products. This is one of those gorgeous pale lavender colours but with twinkly sparkles. :) Miss Sporty is available from both Superdrug and Boots.

Celia Birtwell @ Boots

Celia Birtwell is a textile designer that has a fairly newish, makeup accessory range available at Boots. The packaging is absolutely beautiful ranging from vanity table mirrors to brushes, at steal worthy prices.

First up is the 'Eyeshadow Brush' which you can tell straight away that it's Anna Sui inspired.
The quality itself is outstanding, so soft, dense and precise. And guess how much this is? £4.89!

Cherry scented lip balm yummy! It smells like a moderate burst of cherryade and comes in a lovely shiny tin.
The texture of this is very thin and not greasy, you can tell it will moisturise though. This would be a perfect base under your lipstick. This sets you back at £3.50

So there you have it. I do need to get more of her stuff though, because it's so worth it!
You're paying for quality and yet alone gorgeous designs. :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some Of My Fave's From Urban Decay

Other than my beloved Holy Grail Urban Decay Primer Potion, Urban Decay have so many wonderful products. Here is a few of my favourites.....

Ammo Palette, is a mirrored palette with a gorgeous variety of 10 eye shadows infested with intense pigment and glitz.
There is not a single shade in this palette I do not like!

Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper

Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter, Sin,

Deluxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet - Urban Decay describes this as a 'Iridescent Purple' though I would describe this as a Violet Pink with Blue Pearl. I love the consistency of this shadow, very smooth and intense.

Eyeshadow in Envy - Which is a long discontinued shade I adore. There will never be a as pretty metallic marine blue as this!

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils- Ah these are beautiful, the best pencils I have come across by far, sorry Gosh Velvet touch liners you're just a bit behind! They do exactly as they say, and they're so intensely creamy.
Top to Bottom- Baked, Lust, Electric, Covet, Dime, Zero, 1999.

Lipstick in Voodoo- This is described as a 'Dark Pink' which I think is more on the lines as a 'Sheer Red' It is a wonderful formulation, that is moisturizing, but not 'slidey around your mouthy' The only thing I don't get is when they said it 'is infused with a decadent crème caramel scent and flavor' which I think it's smells more like licorice and the taste is a little bitter, but not too bad. I'll put up with it because I love the shade and texture so much....and of course the packaging! I'll hope I'd possibly get Confession lipstick soon. :D