Tuesday, 18 August 2009

StarGazer Cosmetics

StarGazer, has always been a favourite in your local Goth shop, being a cult make-up brand in the UK for all those Alternative.
However recently StarGazer cosmetics has got more commercial, now being seen in fashion chain-store New Look.

Star Gazer Velvet Eye Shadow in Deep Red, so i didn't find this at New Look as they never
seem to stock their entire range. As you know from my earlier posts that I'm a huge red eyeshadow fan! I need all red shadows. :)
Oh my! How it lives up to it's name 'Velvet' the texture really is! Since most matte bold shadows are well a chalk fest and a bugger to blend!
The pigment too is very very intense this is definitely my favourite! The packaging is shiny and round complete with a mirror and a added sponge applicator underneath.

StarGazer Black Lipstick! Creamy and bold!
So i wouldn't go out with it unless well it was for a party or playing around. :)
I did wear it out causally being a early teen. However now that I'm 20, it's something extremely hard to get away with.
Considering it's now going to be on trend, yes on trend! This fall with a upcoming MAC collection
Style Black featured on Temptalia. There may be new exciting ways to wear this deadly shade.


  1. Hey thank you for following! I love that red eyeshadow, how pigmented!?


  2. I think Kryloan makes Stargazer. Its their beauty line. But last time I was in the Kryolan store it was being clearance out... not sure what they are doing with it. But I really like the shadows! That red shadow and lippie are both amazing!


  3. Thanks for the information.
    Interesting I never knew that! :)