Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Manic Panic Virgin Pressed White Powder

Ah yes, the Goth of the Gothics powder. This piece here is incredibly stunning, and is a must have for any Goth or Goth at heart someone.
The compact truly amazes me with a shiny sturdy structure, embedded gems and uber Gothic styled writing, complete with a small black draw-string mesh bag. It also has it's own mirror and a compartment underneath, where you get a flocked sponge, so I'm guessing it could also be used damp.
I would say this is a definite quality item, inside and out! The powder is a gorgeous smooth consistency and definitely gives you, your Goth finish.
Virgin pressed powder is something to be extra proud of when you whip it out of your handbag.

Manic Panic are usually located in some Gothic stores or online. So check Google, prices vary. For the compact retails around £11.95.
I tried my best with the pictures, but they do not capture the beauty of the compact. :)


  1. Lovely clear post - really enjoyed reading this. Plus the pictures are fab.


  2. Aww thanks!
    I Hope to get better at photo taking though. :)

  3. You may also want to check out Meow Cosmetics Snow Leopard. It's ultra pale white with no undertones :)

  4. I'll have to check that out.
    Thanks for the recs. :)