Sunday, 23 August 2009

Claire's Cosmetics Lip Gloss

So after the amazing eyeshadow palette I have, I decided to grab a lip gloss seeing as the shade stared back at me. You know those lavender lilac pink shades that I'm obsessed by at the moment.
This has a cute twist with it, laced with silver shimmers and only £2.50
And now on to the gorgeous looking hue.
Now it's quite lightweight, looks like the cap might crack easily. The colours do not have any names nor numbers. They're just called 'Lip Gloss' funnily enough.
It has a sponge applicator, which I was guessing.
As soon as i opened it, I was blessed with a strong 'kiddies strawberry medicine' aroma, which sadly I'm really not keen on synthetic smelling products. It smells, but doesn't taste which helps a little.
It feels greasy, but looks very glossy and also very sheer. The silver shimmers are very pretty I must say.
The Verdict? It's not anything that different, the gloss is not amazing but not horrible either
These aren't the same class as the shadows. I won't be purchasing Claire's glosses again. Unless they come out with something entirely different.
I will continue to buy the gorgeous Bonne Bell lip smackers that Claire's offer, also in store, they are a whole different story! :)

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