Monday, 24 August 2009

BYS Shimmer Shine Pencils

BYS a is Australian born brand which is fairly newish to the UK, being stocked here online, or if you have access to a Store21.
These fat pencils seem to be a cross between MAC shadesticks and US brand NYX Jumbo Pencils.
I picked up the shades Pink Shimmer and Dark Blue Shimmer.
The packaging is a little like MAC, also having twist mechanism so no sharpening.
At £2.00 a pop they are very pigmented and glide on like butter.
They do seem to be more metallic than shimmery! I did also notice a vanilla scent almost identical to MAC lip products, which is rather strange for a eye product. At first I thought maybe they're multi-use but at the bottom of the pencil, it's says 'e/shad'.
Other then that these are very pretty, they would look wonderful in the inner corners and lower lash lines. Or maybe they could be used to perk up other shadows!


  1. they look really good. but i dont know about the vanilla scent for the eyes lol. but the swatches still look pretty!

  2. The scent seems to be very slight. I swatched again today. I could barely notice it. Weird lol.

  3. Ohhhhh I haven't seen these before! I am awaiting an order for about 20 NYX Jumbo Pencils but still..... I think I want them!

  4. Ooo! Enjoy your NYX pencils. :D
    I've hard so many good things about them.
    It pretty much stinks that we don't have NYX here. Or if we do it's overpriced, so internet is always our best bet. :)