Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Above is all my Barry M Dazzle Dusts so far. Though I haven't acquired a lot, I love them all each to their own. I have yet to meet a soul who dislikes them!
Barry M Dazzle Dusts a feathery light loose material, packed with rich pigment, that blends!

Though I usually do go for pressed eyeshadows, since they seem more pratical, I would love to see Barry M bring out a line of single pressed eyeshadows! I know they would go down a treat.

Down below is a picture and swatch of each dust I own, and my very own description.
Hope you Vamps like! :)

8 Silver Iridescent- A powerful frosty white with dainty silver flecks. *dreamy* :)

Limited Edition 834 Pale Violet- A fancy lilac with pretty white flecks. The 834 numbers came from a set of 3 shadows and a brush last Xmas.

Limited Edition 834 Marine- Sparkly fresh light mermaid green

73 Red- Medium red with a warm sparkle.

Limited Edition LED1- I can't get the name, but oh my! This is the brightest hottest pink I've ever owned or came across. The photos do not do it justice! The only bad thing i could say about it, is it can stain lids, but what are you expecting, on the brightest pink of them all!

64 Fuchsia- A wild deep sparkled fuchsia!

69 Saphire- A medium blue, with the most beauiful pink flecks all around.

Limited Edition 834 Sky Blue- A twinkling fairy pale, but bright blue!

11 Charcoal- Ultra sparkled deep blackest black.


  1. so jealous of your barry m stash! I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of the dazzle dusts recently, I love them. just as good as MAC pigments!

  2. I agree that these are just as good as MAC. They are such a little bargain and feel like a treat when you buy them.

    The only issue I have when I am at Boots etc is selecting what colour!



  3. Thanks for your comments ladies. :D
    I try to make my swatches as true as possible. :)
    You always seem to want the brands that aren't avaliable to you.
    I reckon Barry M will probably venture overseas with all the popularity it's getting.
    There's so many colours, I find it really hard too,and to remember what you need haha oh well. :D

  4. They are so pretty - I love the red with shimmers