Monday, 31 August 2009

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel

So it's not exactly a facial peel, because..well you don't peel it off, you wash it off.
This is the only thing disappointing.
Soap & Glory's packaging reminds me a little, like Benefit. With the whole retro sort of feeling, hence so much cheaper.
This cost me £5.88, which i don't think is bad, considering it smells like a clean mint dream, feels expensive. The results are quite incredible too. After putting this on only for 10 minutes, my face feels incredibly tight, smooth and my pores feel tighter.
The texture is very thick but silky and NO oil whatsoever.
It's very different to the norm clay mask, as it has these strange soft green beads inside. So you massage the mask into your skin, to exfoliate till the green beads have gone. Then leave on.
They have some nice ingredients too.
Here's what it says on the Boots webs

NEW Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel has is Ideal for greasy, spot prone or problem skin, or for a strategic attack on a misbehaving T-Zone.

Our exclusive PORESHRINK-R COMPLEX in Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel contains...

  • FOMES OFFICINALIS EXTRACT: A mushroom extract to tighten pores.
  • SALICYLIC ACID: which loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging
  • KAOLIN: That’s ‘cosmetic’ for clay. It sops up extra oil on your skin and smoothes your skin’s surface!
  • VITAMINS E & C: Antioxidants. Just because you’re oily, doesn’t mean you’re not agingnot aging

My son said I looked like a baddie with it on, and wanted some lol!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Barry M Dazzle Dusts

Above is all my Barry M Dazzle Dusts so far. Though I haven't acquired a lot, I love them all each to their own. I have yet to meet a soul who dislikes them!
Barry M Dazzle Dusts a feathery light loose material, packed with rich pigment, that blends!

Though I usually do go for pressed eyeshadows, since they seem more pratical, I would love to see Barry M bring out a line of single pressed eyeshadows! I know they would go down a treat.

Down below is a picture and swatch of each dust I own, and my very own description.
Hope you Vamps like! :)

8 Silver Iridescent- A powerful frosty white with dainty silver flecks. *dreamy* :)

Limited Edition 834 Pale Violet- A fancy lilac with pretty white flecks. The 834 numbers came from a set of 3 shadows and a brush last Xmas.

Limited Edition 834 Marine- Sparkly fresh light mermaid green

73 Red- Medium red with a warm sparkle.

Limited Edition LED1- I can't get the name, but oh my! This is the brightest hottest pink I've ever owned or came across. The photos do not do it justice! The only bad thing i could say about it, is it can stain lids, but what are you expecting, on the brightest pink of them all!

64 Fuchsia- A wild deep sparkled fuchsia!

69 Saphire- A medium blue, with the most beauiful pink flecks all around.

Limited Edition 834 Sky Blue- A twinkling fairy pale, but bright blue!

11 Charcoal- Ultra sparkled deep blackest black.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Manic Panic Virgin Pressed White Powder

Ah yes, the Goth of the Gothics powder. This piece here is incredibly stunning, and is a must have for any Goth or Goth at heart someone.
The compact truly amazes me with a shiny sturdy structure, embedded gems and uber Gothic styled writing, complete with a small black draw-string mesh bag. It also has it's own mirror and a compartment underneath, where you get a flocked sponge, so I'm guessing it could also be used damp.
I would say this is a definite quality item, inside and out! The powder is a gorgeous smooth consistency and definitely gives you, your Goth finish.
Virgin pressed powder is something to be extra proud of when you whip it out of your handbag.

Manic Panic are usually located in some Gothic stores or online. So check Google, prices vary. For the compact retails around £11.95.
I tried my best with the pictures, but they do not capture the beauty of the compact. :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

BYS Shimmer Shine Pencils

BYS a is Australian born brand which is fairly newish to the UK, being stocked here online, or if you have access to a Store21.
These fat pencils seem to be a cross between MAC shadesticks and US brand NYX Jumbo Pencils.
I picked up the shades Pink Shimmer and Dark Blue Shimmer.
The packaging is a little like MAC, also having twist mechanism so no sharpening.
At £2.00 a pop they are very pigmented and glide on like butter.
They do seem to be more metallic than shimmery! I did also notice a vanilla scent almost identical to MAC lip products, which is rather strange for a eye product. At first I thought maybe they're multi-use but at the bottom of the pencil, it's says 'e/shad'.
Other then that these are very pretty, they would look wonderful in the inner corners and lower lash lines. Or maybe they could be used to perk up other shadows!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Claire's Cosmetics Lip Gloss

So after the amazing eyeshadow palette I have, I decided to grab a lip gloss seeing as the shade stared back at me. You know those lavender lilac pink shades that I'm obsessed by at the moment.
This has a cute twist with it, laced with silver shimmers and only £2.50
And now on to the gorgeous looking hue.
Now it's quite lightweight, looks like the cap might crack easily. The colours do not have any names nor numbers. They're just called 'Lip Gloss' funnily enough.
It has a sponge applicator, which I was guessing.
As soon as i opened it, I was blessed with a strong 'kiddies strawberry medicine' aroma, which sadly I'm really not keen on synthetic smelling products. It smells, but doesn't taste which helps a little.
It feels greasy, but looks very glossy and also very sheer. The silver shimmers are very pretty I must say.
The Verdict? It's not anything that different, the gloss is not amazing but not horrible either
These aren't the same class as the shadows. I won't be purchasing Claire's glosses again. Unless they come out with something entirely different.
I will continue to buy the gorgeous Bonne Bell lip smackers that Claire's offer, also in store, they are a whole different story! :)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I couldn't Live Without......

Or say farewell to these products!

Everyday Minerals Foundation (Semi-Matte Base)
Before this i never used to wear foundation.
Why? I never liked the feeling of it, or couldn't find a exact match anywhere.
When i came across this 'mineral' site i was stunned. So many shades available, and so many pale shades to choose from too. I've never looked back since.
As you know mineral makeup doesn't feel like your actually wearing makeup, easily blended. Quick and easy for a hectic life. Check out their kabuki brushes too they are incredibly soft and never lose their softness, no matter how many times you wash them.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel
This won't budge! It's perfect for giving my brows extra oomph everyday. I haven't come across another brand that has the same hue and formula as this.

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
So I never got into the whole 'Potted gel liner' thing. I can't get into the texture or the fact that isn't as convenient to use. Anyhow this little fellow has been with me for a long time now, being the luxurious 'Blackest Black' and it's not going anywhere. It doesn't seem to have the horrible flaking that some liquid liners have. This has the felt tip at the end, I really can't get on with brushes as much.

L'Oreal Touche Magique (Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Concealer)
Like the cheaper version of YSL Touche Eclat, which I've never wanted, hence the price tag, I've heard bad things about it like 'black mould appearing on the brush suddenly'
Anyway i love L'Oreal's version!
I am a night owl with a 4 year old son, so this helps to hide the tiredness!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Last but not least....
This is a worldwide favourite, and boy would I be scared to wear eyeshadow without this stuff!
It does everything it claims and more! I promise I'll never stray!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

StarGazer Cosmetics

StarGazer, has always been a favourite in your local Goth shop, being a cult make-up brand in the UK for all those Alternative.
However recently StarGazer cosmetics has got more commercial, now being seen in fashion chain-store New Look.

Star Gazer Velvet Eye Shadow in Deep Red, so i didn't find this at New Look as they never
seem to stock their entire range. As you know from my earlier posts that I'm a huge red eyeshadow fan! I need all red shadows. :)
Oh my! How it lives up to it's name 'Velvet' the texture really is! Since most matte bold shadows are well a chalk fest and a bugger to blend!
The pigment too is very very intense this is definitely my favourite! The packaging is shiny and round complete with a mirror and a added sponge applicator underneath.

StarGazer Black Lipstick! Creamy and bold!
So i wouldn't go out with it unless well it was for a party or playing around. :)
I did wear it out causally being a early teen. However now that I'm 20, it's something extremely hard to get away with.
Considering it's now going to be on trend, yes on trend! This fall with a upcoming MAC collection
Style Black featured on Temptalia. There may be new exciting ways to wear this deadly shade.