Friday, 30 November 2018

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-In-1 Foundation + Concealer in 00A Porcelain **Review & Swatches**

I've never been into foundations before, mainly due to the fact that there wasn't no shades pale enough on the western market, also I never really liked the feeling of it on my skin.

However in the recent years things have changed dramatically on the market, being a 'in' thing with as many shades as possible to cater even for us with the lightest and darkest of skintones.

Milani has always been a loved brand favourite of mine, their eyeshadows and blushes are just awesome and not over the top expensive.

I purchased the palest shade 00A Porcelain for £9.10 in the sale at Beauty Bay. The price has gone up to £13 now, bit of a step up but I think it is worth it considering how a little goes a long way in my swatches!

Before I was really hesitant to review this product, first time I applied it was a fail! I used a beauty blender type sponge as normal but I just used too much product and really it just started to slide off.
Bare in mind I am far used to Korean BB creams.

The consistency is not too runny but slightly thick and does have the slighest skincare scent to it, but so light I don't really smell it.

It does have quite a medium buildable coverage, you can apply this very lightly in layers. Not too much at a time, by doing this technique this lasted all day on me, I always set my BB cream or foundation with StarGazer White loose powder. I still found I needed under eye concealer for my dark shadows.

It didn't turn orange and the shade match was perfect.
I'm a very pale neutral, lean towards warm than cool. This was not pink either, just perfect pale pale beige. :)

Overall I'm loving this product and would definitely repurchase, if I do get through it.

Purchased at Beauty Bay

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Etude House Play Color Eyes Peach Farm Eyeshadow Palette **Review & Swatches**

 "10-colors eye shadow palette filled with sweet colors of freshly harvested peaches."

I'm sure this Etude House palette was before any of the Too Faced Peach collection? I could be wrong. One or the other was inspired by. This palette doesn't smell like peaches, just smells of nothing.

Anyhow this 10 shade eyeshadow palette is around £12 including postage and I got mine straight from South-Korea on Ebay.

The palette is a hard sturdy plastic which is complete with a mirror which is the size of the palette and 2 double ended sponge applicators. 

I would say that this palette is quite small in comparison to palettes of today, these are much more mid 2000's style, palettes and pans have definitely got bigger! I think the size is perfect for me and is not too overly small descent to travel with.

There's a mixture of mostly warm peaches, champagnes, browns, neutrals, warm pink and with all different finishes. I'd say the texture of these shadows are smooth, whilst not really buttery. Was easy to blend!
It has fair colour play off, not a lot of fallout and lasted on me all day until I removed my makeup, although wear time could be varied for most depending if  you are using primer or not. I always prime my eyes. 

Overall I really like this palette, the shimmers are beautiful! Would like to purchase another palette next time I order.

Purchased at Ebay

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Urban Dollkiss Urban City Cover Master Tip Concealer in No1 Clear Beige **Review & Swatches**

I managed to get hold of this concealer from Korean makeup brand Urban Dollkiss on Ebay for around £4.50 including postage and packaging.

Comes in a cute Apple/Cherry shaped bottle, it is quite small compared to most concealers of today, being barely bigger than your standard gel eyeliner. Has a flat doe foot bendy applicator.

From the description it would say that this is a medium to full coverage. Anyhow to me this seems to be on the full side of coverage which is buildable without it getting heavy.

This is what I found in English for the claims of this product.

Feather-like light-weight formula, it is thinly adhered to the skin,
so it keeps the roughness, irregularity, and reddish tinge to perfection
and ensures clear and clean make-up without disturbing at any time.

[How to use]
1. When you want a natural cover, use a concealer first and apply foundation.
2. When you want a perfect cover, apply foundation cover
and cover master concealer to necessary parts.
3.Spread and tap it widely.

I actually really love this concealer! Although at first glance I thought it'd be a bit dark for me in what I'd normally like, this is the lightest shade and blend into my skin perfectly.

A little does go a long way and it's not too runny or overly thick. Has a faint luxury skincare scent which is nice. Would purchase again but I would like to this is in a bigger bottle.
A random scratch to show you terms of coverage. This is one coat and you can barely see it.
Purchased at Ebay

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Obsession (Revolution Beauty) Be The Game Changer Palette **Review & Swatches**

Obsession is a line under Revolution Beauty which can be bought online in their online store or sold in Boots stores and on their website. The palette contains 16 eyeshadows. A mix of satin and shimmer finishes, browns, nudes and warm reds.

RRP £10.00

With a mirror the eyeshadows are in cased in sturdy type cardboard magnetic closure. Also these pans are magentic and removable which is a bonus, so you can easily change the shades to suit you.

I personally think the palette has too many repeat shades and they could easily of thrown in a carbon black and a icy white shimmery shadow and this palette would be perfect.

Overall I really like this palette the shadows are super soft to touch, blend really easily, not so much fallout and decently pigmented. As for wear I cannot be clear on that as I always wear eye primer, but these shadows lasted til I removed my makeup!

Swatches are Left to Right in order of the palette (The first shade looks near identical to my skin colour!)

Purchased at Boots

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Essence Not Your Princess Face & Eye Palette **Review & Swatches**

This Essence is one palette out of 4 for the eyes and face. So I'm gathering that all the shades can be used both face and eyes, although most do look like eyeshadows to me. 

Not Your Princess is a cute cardboard palette with little pinup nautical designs and complete with a mirror. 

I purchased this at Wilko for £7.00. 

The shades or a mix of shimmers and mattes. To be honest I don't like the idea of some of the pans are really small compared to others for instant the black shade, I always hit pan on black eyeshadow and this one really blends well and is quite pigmented but only a tiny pan. 

Overall there's some hits and misses in the palette most are ok on pigmentation. White is very pigmented and soft although is really messy with fallout when I dip my brush in this. All the shades however seem really smooth and soft in texture. I'd like to try the other palettes like Born Awesome but I wouldn't rush out to buy it.

First picture down below is the stock image from Wilko's site. I'm kind of a little disappointed that it wasn't this beautiful matte lavender pink shade but just an ordinary muted hot pink.


Purchased at Wilko

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Primark PS Pure Contour Palette **Review & Swatches**

RRP £4.00 Absolutely gorgeous palette for this price. It's not so great packaging wise, nothing fancy. Cardboard thin shiny casing, though it works well and does the job. 

There are 2 highlighter shades (white and a peachy pink) I'm in love with the white highlighter shade it is so smooth and pearlescentt but they are small pans compared to the bronzer and glow duo pan.  
Some do have a little fallout but nothing major and to be honest fallout doesn't really bother me.

The bronzer is matt and seems to have no fallout at all and is really quite sheer so I think this is perfect for pale skin tones.  

I can say that the formula feels really high quality for something so affordable. I think other brands could learn a few things or two from them. 

I'd definitely recommend and will be on the hunt for more Primark palettes. 

Purchased at Primark

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Hair Perfume Mist **Review**

 This is a product that I've never tried before from any brand. I have seen it before online but never got around to purchasing. I love the concept of this as I do anyhow spritz my perfume or body spray I am wearing on my hair anyway. Although it just says "Perfume Mist" I assumed it was just a fragrance but actually that's not the case and is formulated for the hair with moisturising properties and leaves my hair shiny.

I have very long hair and a little goes a long way and for me personally I'll only spritz it on the ends as too much product will end up making your hair not shiny but greasy!  

Here is the description of the product. 

2-Layer: Nutrition Oil Layer and Moisturising Water Layer(Before using, shake it well). Sweet and refreshing peach and citrus scents. Long-lasting scents and moisturising. Containing Olive oils, Berries and Peach extracts: Making Healthier hairs and shining hairs.
How to use
1. Before using, shake this bottle well.
2. Evenly spray this on your hairs apart about 10 cm from hairs.
3. Good to apply this mist, before and after using the hair dryer.

Etude House is  one of those most popular Korean beauty brands. Although it's very hard to get in the UK. I like to get mine from trusted sellers on Ebay. Although do look around online there's a lot of K-Beauty shops online if you do a search. YesStyle is one of them, however I've never ordered off there myself but I know they only sell authentic products.
I just love the smell which is delicious, fruity and highly addictive. I also like how it feels on my hair. Would be interesting to try out more of these hair perfume products!
Purchased at Ebay